Real Friends Tell You the Truth!

I’ve had this quote stored in my phone for several months; it resonates with me. I truly believe what we put into our systems affect us. What we allow our eyes to dwell on, what we listen to, who we associate with. In fact, the words in the image above support my August 16th post, What are You Eating?

Today, the portion I wish to focus on is the “people you hang around.” And this is not just for young people; it’s for you older folk as well. Are the people you associating with elevating you? Do they enrich your life? People who really care about you, won’t allow you to go down a pathway that leads to destruction. True friends or family members, tell you the truth – even if that truth hurts. And yes, it’s not what we say, but how we say it, but I have a brother, who often says, “We need to pull them out of the fire!”

Years ago, while studying towards my Bachelor’s degree, something happened between me and a very dear friend of mine, Katina. Later that night, following our class, she called me (days before Whatsapp) and was so real. She told me she saw something in me, a character trait that was, “Ugly.” And you know, I really couldn’t say much because what she thought she was revealing, I already knew. Nevertheless, it was sobering, hearing it coming from someone else. It was something I struggled with, but being the REAL FRIEND she was – and still is today – she needed to say it. And I thank her. In fact, THANKS BE TO GOD, that character trait is far removed from me. I have DEFINITELY GROWN! BUT GOD!

What is just as beautiful is our friendship remains in tact. I did not cut her off because she told me the truth – which would have been ungodly. Our relationship grew because I realized, here was someone who cared enough about me to tell me the truth and wanted to see change. I thank God for her and she was someone I chose to be by my side on my wedding day.

You might not be a Christian at this moment, but even so, please choose carefully who you associate yourself with. Surround yourself with people who are focused, people of integrity, people who have your back for good reasons and won’t lead you down a path of unrighteousness. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your relationships.

Growing in Christ,


Give God What’s Right – Not Left!

I remember when I was studying online for my Master’s degree with Kent State University. It was two years of financial sacrifice, but also sacrifice of my time. I worked all day, then went home to conduct research, write papers, do homework and respond to classmates. Weekends, nights, early mornings, holidays, were not mine. So perhaps you would understand why I felt compelled to tour the campus, participate in graduation activities for international students, meet my favourite professor and walk across that stage!

But what I really wish to get across is the fact that I had to make major adjustments early into that Master’s program. I found that I would go home, eat and then head straight to a book or my computer. I then noticed I would finish LATE at night or sometimes not really be finished, but just decided because I was soooooo mentally and physically drained, I needed to shut down the computer or close the book.

I also noticed that when it was time to pray, it was quick, just to acknowledge God at the end of the day and I wasn’t spending as much time in His Word. Note, I was doing something positive – studying for a degree. This would result in advancement in life, but while studying for higher attainment of something natural, my spiritual life was being sapped.

As a Christian, you know when you’re not spending quality time with God. You feel it. Just think about how many of us can spend over an hour at dinner with a friend or loved one, chatting about the latest happenings in our lives. It’s like nothing to watch a movie that is over an hour. And we have no problem spending hours – literally hours – at theme parks. After all, we have to get our money’s worth – right?! I sure do!

But what about spending time with God?

What woke me up besides the emptiness I was feeling, was also passing a church sign that said, ‘Don’t give God what’s left. Give Him what’s right!’ That immediately resonated with me and even to this day, though I’ve previously and since passed many church signs, that is the one which stands out to me. It is the one I remember and have shared with others.

I have found that it is easy to be busy doing good! There is nothing wrong with volunteering for charity, mentoring youth, studying towards a degree etc., but that quiet, personal time in prayer, study of God’s Word and meditation – more importantly application of that Word – are extremely important for spiritual sustenance and growth.

The Word of God is bread. It is water. Just as the body needs food and water to survive, so our spiritual bodies need food and water for sustenance.

I encourage you to be intentional about your time with God. We give the world and family LOTS of our time. What about God, who gives us life, health and strength to do the things we do?

As Paul admonishes in 1 Timothy 4:13, “Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.’ The Word of God is God’s blueprint for living a godly life right here on earth.

Growing in Christ,



Hi! My name is Hadassah Deleveaux (née Hall). I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, a writer who spent a decade working in newsrooms, but am now in public relations. More importantly, I am a Christian.

Welcome to my blog, Leap from the Pages! The pages I speak about are pages from the Bible. I unashamedly declare that Jesus is Lord of my life and I believe in the Bible – the Word of the Living God! Hence, everything I share with you will be based on the Word of God. It is my prayer that you would not simply read the Word, but allow the power that is in the Word to Leap from the Pages and be activated in your lives.

It is easy to just read the Bible, but we must connect it to our lives. The words inscribed on those pages must become real to us. It’s not good enough to go to Bible study, attend church, serve in the soup kitchen, sing in the choir or serve as an usher, yet we are holding something against our neighbour, gossiping about our colleague or not honouring our parents. You might not be committing adultery, robbing or trafficking humans, but as the Word says in Galatians 5:9, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” The very foundation of Christianity is faith, love…obedience and it is because God Himself is love, and His son Jesus Christ demonstrated faith in His Father, obedience to His Father and love for mankind in the most sacrificial way possible, we are privileged to not only experience eternal life, but a life of power right here on this earth!

What I am doing through Leap from the Pages is sharing the Word of God in very simple, practical ways that are applicable to everyday life.

Don’t expect sermons. Don’t expect me to be preachy, as such. Just expect me to share with you, like friends chatting over vanilla chai tea at Dunkin Donuts (my FAVOURITE tea!).

My prayer is that you would not only be receptive, but responsive. I want to make you think and hopefully change certain thoughts and actions you might have – for the better. And don’t worry, I’m not sitting on a pedestal and pointing fingers; I’m still learning too! This Christian journey is indeed that – a journey! Although the destination is important, it’s what happens along the way that brings change, growth, endurance. These posts are my way to do what I love – write – but more importantly, minister to you.

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Finally, if you do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savour, I pray you would come to experience the beauty in knowing Him – whom to know is LIFE ETERNAL! Praise GOD!

Growing in Christ,


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