Accessing What Is Mine!

I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for quite some time now (although length does not matter as much as quality of relationship), but it was not until some five-and-a-half years ago that I began praying His Word. It’s amazing what enlightenment does for us.

I’ve come to realize that I can either pray from the posture of defeat or the posture of victory. I choose the latter. I recognize that as a child of the King of ALL kings and the Lord of all lords, I have access to His promises through Christ Jesus. PRAISE YE THE LORD!

God says in Isaiah 43 v 26: “Put me in remembrance…” Now, let me say quickly, that God is omnipresent and omniscient, everywhere, all the time, knowing all things – the end from the beginning – so in reality, we really do not have to remind Him of anything, but I believe God has us do this as our verbal acknowledgement of His Word and our expectation of Him bringing His Word to past.

Hence, when I pray, I pray in the positive, using scriptures He has already given me in His Word. I say, “Lord, I thank you that greater is He who is within me, than he who is within the world. I thank you that all things are working together for my good and I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me.” All three of those points are scriptural. I even break his Word down to my specific situations: “Father in heaven, I thank you that you have gone before me in this matter and made every crooked path straight. I am grateful Lord that according to Ecclesiastes 3, you maketh everything beautiful in your time. Father, no weapons formed against me shall prosper and you will fight against those who fight against me. Lord, you are my shield, my bulwark, my shelter in the time of storm. Father, I thank you that as the mountains are around about Jerusalem, so are you around about your people from henceforth and forevermore. Thank you Father for allowing the Angel of the Lord to encamp around me and deliver me. Thank you for giving your angels charge over me, to keep me in ALL – not some – of my ways.”

Honestly, when I pray God’s Word, I feel a confidence and a power. What I must hastily point out though is that to pray God’s Word, you have to know God’s Word. Further, you must pray in faith. It’s not about how long you pray, how many big words you use or how loudly you pray (God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance).

And for those who do not know the Lord as Saviour and are not walking in obedience to Him, begin drawing nigh to God that He may draw nigh to you. Take baby steps, praying simply to a Father, who wants to come into relationship with you. He knows your heart and wants you to give it to Him. You might have been hurt by others, but with God, your heart is safe.

I encourage you to pray God’s Word. Not one Word of God ever fails (Isaiah 55 v 11).

Growing in Christ,