Are You Missing Out on Your TRUE Love?


A line in a song by American singer, the late, Whitney Houston states: “Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all.”

I disagree.

Of course, we are free to have differing views and that’s fine. Maybe she was just singing the lyrics someone else wrote or perhaps that is how she truly felt. I believe self-love is important, but the GREATEST love to exist in my opinion is certainly the fact that the Great God of the universe sacrificed his ONE, DEAR Son to die on a cruel, rugged cross for your sin…and mine, so we can live a victorious life here on earth and live with him eternally.

Love is sacrificial. You know that if you are a mother, father…spouse. When we love, we give of ourselves. Some parents go without lunch so their children could get the resources needed to build that school project, parents sacrifice vacations to send children to college, wives have left their jobs to take care of an ailing husband or parent…the list goes on.

“True love is not hinged on what the other person does or does not do…what the other person can or cannot do. True love is sacrificial and unconditional.”

But imagine the sacrifice of literally sacrificing your child and doing so for a world which doesn’t deserve it?  That’s what OUR GOD did.

The song which comes to mind right now is a line in my FAVOURITE HYMN in ALL THE WORLD, ‘And Can It Be‘:



That line just AMAZES me! The thought of God sending His Son, who became God in the flesh, to die for ME – a human who came from dust and shall return to dust – is just AMAZING!!!! This love which God AND His precious Son, Jesus Christ has for us is beyond the chocolates, the perfume, the massive floral arrangements…the diamond ring, the date…it is indescribable. Really!

So my question to you on this Valentine’s Day when so many people pull out all the stops, is Are you missing out on your TRUE love? Do you have a relationship with the One who will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you, even when the flowers have withered, the ring needs cleaning and the spark in that relationship is very low?

If you don’t know the God, whom I know – the GREAT I AM that I AM – I encourage you to come into relationship with Him today. No big words are necessary. Start drawing closer to Him, letting him know that you wish to have a relationship. Trust me – you won’t be embarrassed! He won’t leave you hanging. Once you are sincere, he won’t turn you away.


Wishing you a lifetime of love, with the ONE who loves you like no other!!!

Growing in Christ,


A Small Act of Kindness

When last have you gone out of your way to do something kind for someone – expecting nothing in return?

A few days ago, my friend Tina and I were having a conversation about what I could add to my smoothies to make them sweeter. She suggested pineapple and mentioned how a particular food store was having a sale on them. I told her I saw that in the store just a day before and thought of picking up one, but didn’t.

Later that afternoon, I got a call from Tina, asking if I were in office and whether she could stop by. Shortly afterwards she was there and as she walked in, she told her daughter to hand me the bag.

There was the pineapple!

I was pleasantly surprised and gave her a big hug! I thought of how the simple, unexpected kindness of others really make a difference. This was a pineapple that I believe cost $3.99. The gesture just warmed my heart. And I can tell you, my smoothies now have a sweet kick to them – thanks to the pineapple and huge thanks to Tina!

“Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.” ~ Romans 12:10

I challenge you to do something kind for someone today – expecting nothing in return.

Growing in Christ,