Real Friends Tell You the Truth!

I’ve had this quote stored in my phone for several months; it resonates with me. I truly believe what we put into our systems affect us. What we allow our eyes to dwell on, what we listen to, who we associate with. In fact, the words in the image above support my August 16th post, What are You Eating?

Today, the portion I wish to focus on is the “people you hang around.” And this is not just for young people; it’s for you older folk as well. Are the people you associating with elevating you? Do they enrich your life? People who really care about you, won’t allow you to go down a pathway that leads to destruction. True friends or family members, tell you the truth – even if that truth hurts. And yes, it’s not what we say, but how we say it, but I have a brother, who often says, “We need to pull them out of the fire!”

Years ago, while studying towards my Bachelor’s degree, something happened between me and a very dear friend of mine, Katina. Later that night, following our class, she called me (days before Whatsapp) and was so real. She told me she saw something in me, a character trait that was, “Ugly.” And you know, I really couldn’t say much because what she thought she was revealing, I already knew. Nevertheless, it was sobering, hearing it coming from someone else. It was something I struggled with, but being the REAL FRIEND she was – and still is today – she needed to say it. And I thank her. In fact, THANKS BE TO GOD, that character trait is far removed from me. I have DEFINITELY GROWN! BUT GOD!

What is just as beautiful is our friendship remains in tact. I did not cut her off because she told me the truth – which would have been ungodly. Our relationship grew because I realized, here was someone who cared enough about me to tell me the truth and wanted to see change. I thank God for her and she was someone I chose to be by my side on my wedding day.

You might not be a Christian at this moment, but even so, please choose carefully who you associate yourself with. Surround yourself with people who are focused, people of integrity, people who have your back for good reasons and won’t lead you down a path of unrighteousness. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your relationships.

Growing in Christ,


Time to Declutter!

At the end of July, I stripped my office of the dozens of newspapers taped to its walls. 

I have been working in that office for six years and the newspaper clippings were among the multiple articles I wrote and photos I took, which were published in newspapers about my place of employment.

I remember when I first walked into the office six years ago and it just seemed bare and quite frankly drab. My office looked different from the boardroom. I needed inspiration. Those clippings, taped to those walls, became my inspiration. Those newspaper articles were cheering me on – further evidence of my God-given talent as a writer.

Over the past two to three years, I ran out of space and started posting the newspaper articles and photos – which were sometimes half or full page spreads – outside my office, on the corridor’s walls. I just took over! When I finally got an assistant, she followed suit and joined the paste-it-to-the-wall party!

One day, I decided I had enough. It took two-and-a-half hours to strip the walls of my office bare.

When done, my office space was in need of a splash of paint, but even with that reality, there was something refreshing about the clippings no longer being there. And guess what else? When I spoke, it felt as though my voice was bouncing off the walls. I literally heard myself clearer. 

I had decluttered.

I’ve dumped those old, now yellow clippings in the garbage (I do however have black and white copies filed away over the years). I got a new paint job by the Maintenance department – even a new colour, which I LOVE! The only things I’ve since hung on my walls are two paintings (I love art!). Nothing else will hang from those walls. I now have a chic, clean-cut, simple, refreshing look.

Do you need to declutter? Do you need to strip the walls of your life of anything? Marathon Lifetime movies, empty, vain chatter, certain friends…habits (maybe gossiping, being coveteous, judgmental etc.)? What needs to come down? What needs to be ripped down?! Are some things in your life drowning you – muffling your voice? Do you need a new paint job? 

God is waiting to help you declutter your life through His precious Son, Jesus Christ, who died on a cruel cross in our place. He is waiting with open arms to help. He’s just a prayer away.

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. ~ Romans 8 v 37.

Growing in Christ,