The Exceeding Abundantly God

I am a firm believer that God puts people along our journey to help manifest his plan for us.

One example is found in 2 Kings 4 v 1 – 7 with the widow and her oil. Here was a woman who found herself in a precarious situation. She was not only a widow, but a widow in debt, having incurred her husband’s bills. To exacerbate this challenging situation was the fact that as payback, the creditor was threatening to make her two sons slaves! No doubt, she was at her wit’s end. A woman in mourning, having to worry about the bills and simultaneously trying to save her sons. Mounting problems!

Clearly, this widow believed in the prophets and their connection to the Almighty God; therefore she approached Elisha for help. Elisha asked her what she had in her house. She revealed that all she possessed was a pot of oil. The cupboards were bare. Can you imagine bare cupboards? Not because you are just moving in or out, but bare cupboards because you have nothing to put in them.

Elisha instructed the widow to borrow vessels from all her neighbours – plenty vessels. I believe not a neighbour refused het request. The reality is God would position that harsh boss, that selfish neighbour, that scrooge-of-a-relative or even your most agressive enemy to fall in line to bless you at the right time!

Further, what I love is she was obedient. Trust and obey! She did as told by putting any pride aside, going door to door, asking for what she needed, then shutting her own door behind her and her sons, before pouring oil into all the vessels…until the last was filled. There goes my exceeding, abundantly God! It was nothing short of a miracle! Don’t underestimate God.

This woman was able to pay off her husband’s debt and use the remaining proceeds to live comfortably. From what I believe was a small pot of oil to numerous barrels of oil, God gave her MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Growing in Christ,


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